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Spring Equinox Fire Ceremony & Meditation

March 22, 2020

​Spring Equinox is a good time to connect your soul in sacred ceremony with Mother Earth and the universe.  It is a time of balance, dark/light, yin/yang, male/female, etc. 


It is the time to plant our intention as seeds.  Think outside the box and envision new possibilities in the new cycle.

After the ceremony, we will meditate with the sound of the drum.

Date:  March 22  Sunday

Time: 6pm~8pm

Free Event, however donation is appreciated.


Monthly Meditation & Tea Time

March 04, 2019

The wisdom and strength of the owl is hearing.  

Do you meditate regularly?  When was the last time you stopped and just listened to your inner voice?

If you think that meditation is hard, just come join us.  This is a simple guided meditation that I guarantee you will feel reconnected with your true self as well as you feel relaxed.

After meditation, we will have some tea and quietly visit and share our thoughts.

Next Meditation and Tea Time:

     March 4  Wednesday   8:30am-10:00am

Location:  Keiko's house

Free event/donation or light snack is appreciated

New Moon Drum Circle

April 25, 2020

Moon represents our unconscious.  New moon is the beginning of the cycle.  The energy of the new moon is very gentle and peaceful, and etheric while full moon is more primal force and powerful.

It is a great time to connect with our Higher Self and receive wisdom and creativity.

Next Circle:

   April 25  6pm~8pm

   We meet at my house.  Light snack will be provided after the circle.  You are welcome to stay and share your experience with the group.

This is a free event but donation is appreciated

Drum Making Workshop

April 04, 2020

Let's make your own drum!

From selecting the hide and weave onto the frame.  This is a creating process but also a series of ceremony and ritual involved activity.

You will meditate, journey and connect with the spirit Drum Maker.

This is a two day event.  

Saturday, April 4  9am-4pm Lecture, prepping the drum, making beater stick

Sunday, April 5 9am-4pm lecture, drum weaving

Fee: $350 include all materials for drum, two lunches and refreshments

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