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Life Consultation

We are walking on the life path with spirit guides.  We are never alone and have a team of loving beings supporting and watching over us.

Spirit guides are high vibrational and evolved beings who love us unconditinally and be with us since we were born.  In this session, I channel the client's spirit guides/higher self to receive guidance on issues so that the client can act upon it.

Higher spirits will not answer all of the questions.  Rather, they will give us a clue, a hint so that the client will work to find the answers by him/herself.  They want to see him/her really committed.  They never hand out all he/she needs.  Just like a treasure hunting, the client will seek the answers with playful joyful way.  Life is all about joyful experiences.

Session is either 90 minutes or 60 minutes.

90 min. session  $150

60 min. session  $100

Life Coaching

I am certified life coach taught by Naoyuki Sekino of Japan in 2017.  My coaching session is a blend of traditional life coaching technique and channeled guidance from the client's higher self/spirit guides.

Life coaching helps clients to obtain clear dreams and goals, and the coach assists with action plans, image trainings and releasing of old beliefs and patterns from subconscious mind.  

For more information, please contact Keiko.

Coaching session

Initial meeting  90 minutes   $150

Following session  60 minutes  $100

For a best results, I recommend three session.  However, I give list of homework and the client will be able to work on his/her own after the first session.


Shamanic Journey

Shamanic journey is a ceremony performed by Native American shamans. 

You will travel to Under world, Middle world or Upper world depending on the type of question you have.  It is really powerful and the result is instantaneous.  I have personally experienced the shift within me.  You will know that all that you need is found within yourself.

With the sound of native american drum, I will guide you to the alternative realm where you meet spirits and find what you seek.  It could be a message, or knowing that you are not alone, meeting with your spirit animals or spirit teachers.

It takes you to deep part of your soul.


I begin with clearing the space and put a protective shield around.  The session will be done in my house.  I do travel to another location for Journey session as long as we can secure safe and quiet location.  If it is at my house, the session is 90 minutes.

If I come to another location, please expect to be around 3 hours because I need to prep and cleanse the room from a scratch.  I also ask additional travel fees.

Journey session   90 min.  $150

Travel fee:  $100

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