• Keiko

If not now, when?

Until recently, I was the queen of procrastination. I have plenty of ideas to do, but my brain will debate pros and cons of whatever activity I was inclined to try. Without making any action, the argument held in my mind finishes and the 'do it later' one wins.

So, what changed my repetitive self sabotage into take action kind of person?

Simple. I just did it. Without spending time contemplating.

That was the best thing ever to overcome the old pattern.

This year, I put an intention to take action, especially something I've never tried or never thought possible.

My grandmother lived to 99.8years old. She was a woman of curiosity.

She was always trying something new. Growing exotic cactus plant that only bloomed one night only if you took really good care of it, making origami figurines and ornaments, raising chickens for egg sales with fellow grannies in the neighborhood, etc.

She once traveled alone to visit me in Oregon from Japan. She spoke no English but that didn't stop her. She was 84. She came to visit again when she was 86, and I took her to the Buchart Garden in Vancouver, BC because she wanted to see the famous garden in Canada.

After she became too frail to walk around, she would read magazines and newspapers daily. She read it so thoroughly that she was able to find my articles I occasionally wrote in Opinion section of the city paper. I told no one that I wrote to the paper.

As I remember many fond memories of my grandmother, the lesson she showed me was to seize the moment. Her courage to try something out of the ordinary, something that seems too difficult to do, and be always curious to think what if.

So, when are you going to do it?